The nurturing of a future-ready generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators has to start from young.

The SIM International Academy (SIM IA) and Singapore (Cambodia) International Academy (SCIA) were set up to meet the demand for high quality junior education that puts emphasis on preparing our young early for the real world.

We bring real-world learning to the classroom with a curriculum that promotes boundless curiosity, an enterprising spirit, and a globally conscious mind guided by Asian values.

Hands-on and applied learning is an integral part of the STEM curriculum at SIM IA
Music is one of many choices for learning beyond the classroom for SIM IA’s students
Colours and space help add vibrancy and ignite creativity at the SIM IA campus

The SIM IA accepted its inaugural cohort of 60 students in September 2017, with a global mix of students from countries such as China, Indonesia, Myanmar, South Korea and Vietnam.

Catering to students aged 12 to 18, SIM IA offers the internationally recognised Cambridge IGCSE and International A level education, providing students with a seamless pathway from lower to higher education at SIM.

SIM IA’s curriculum focuses on applied learning in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) as well as the Social Sciences. Taught by faculty experienced in local and international curricula, students are nurtured to become curious learners, community builders and creative leaders.

Beyond academics, students’ learning experience is enriched through co-curricular activities and service-learning. Also essential to the SIM IA learning experience is a boarding life packed with programmes that complement students’ daytime learning. The school’s stay-in faculty spare no effort to create a home-away-from-home experience for their young boarders. Classes on life skills as well as avenues for social and emotional support are amply provided to help students thrive in this new environment.

Located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, SCIA marked SIM’s foray in bringing quality education to the region.

SCIA aims to offer a high standard of international education from preschool to high school with a programme that blends the Singapore and Cambridge curricula. To equip our learners with skills for the 21st century, our education provides them with the foundations of knowledge, critical thinking and communication skills.

Preparations for the school’s launch were on high gear in 2017. In February 2017, a pioneer team of management and staff were deployed to Cambodia. Construction works started in May and we are on target to welcome our first cohort of students in August 2018.

In the lead-up, SCIA actively reached out to the Cambodian community through enrichment programmes such as the learning quest series which helped potential students explore core subjects through fun and interactive activities and get a peek into the joy of learning at SCIA. A series of parent workshops was also held to equip parents with skills to support their children in their educational journey.

As it brings an international education to Cambodia, SCIA also aims to be totally relevant and responsive to the local context and culture through establishing strong ties and actively engaging with local stakeholders such as government leaders, business chambers, industry associations and educators.

Some of the community outreach programmes we participated in included the Singapore National Day Celebration organised by the Singapore Club Cambodia for Singaporean expatriates and their families, and the Maybank’s Global Corporate Responsibility carnival where we conducted complimentary learning activities for participants.

Artist’s impression of the SCIA campus in Phnom Penh, targeted to open in August 2018
Parents and their children getting a taste of the fun of learning at an SCIA event
SCIA’s first community outreach at the Singapore National Day Celebration in Cambodia