We bring the world to our learners and our learners to the world.

With more than 80 academic programmes offered by reputable international universities, SIM Global Education (SIM GE) equips learners with the aptitude and attitude to excel in today’s globalised and fast-changing world.

Through our holistic approach to education and multi-cultural learning environment, students learn not just subject knowledge but also competencies to stay adaptable and employable throughout their lives.

Anticipating and Responding to Industry's and Learners’ Needs

In continuing to meet the demand for industry-relevant, real-world learning, we launched 11 new programmes in business, science and the social sciences. We also introduced programmes in emerging and specialised fields such as entrepreneurship, innovation and social media to equip learners with the skills and insights essential for the evolving work landscapes.


University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • Master of Science Management (Full-time)
  • Master of Science Management: Strategy (Full-time)
  • Master of Science Management: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Full-time)
  • Master of Science Economics (Full-time & Part time)
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) Accounting and Finance (Full-time)
University of Stirling, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sport Business Management (Full-time & Part-time)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Sustainable Events Management (Full-time & Part-time)
University of London, United Kingdom
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Management and Digital Innovation (Full-time)
  • Graduate Diploma in E-Business and Social Media (Full-time)
The University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Master of Science International Healthcare Leadership (Part-time)
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom
  • Preparatory Course for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Examination (Part-time)

Inspiring Excellence in the Classroom

In 2017, SIM GE students continued to impress with stellar academic achievements.

The University of London (UOL) graduated 225 students from its Bachelor’s degree programmes with First Class Honours – a record high since the partnership was launched in 1986. About 63 per cent of 473 students from the University at Buffalo graduated with Latin honours of which 70 students were awarded summa cum laude. Our students from the RMIT University, and University of Birmingham also performed commendably.

SIM students also excelled on the international stage. Among prizes won by them this year were the James Stewart Cook Convocation Trust Prize (Introduction to Political Science) and the Sebastian Danicic Prize (Java Programming) awarded by UOL to students for achieving the highest mark in their examinations worldwide. Both achievements marked a first for SIM.

Two SIM-UOL alumni were awarded the inaugural scholarships given under the auspices of the new UOL-SIM GE Regional Centre. For the first time, an SIM-UOL graduate was awarded the National Cybersecurity Postgraduate Scholarship by the Info-communications Media Development Authority to pursue a full-time PhD studies.

SIM and RMIT marked their 30th anniversary of partnership with a celebration at the Australian High Commissioner’s residence in August. A didgeridoo performance was a highlight at the event.
A proud moment for SIM-UOL students who had topped their papers worldwide. The year also saw a record 225 students graduate with 225 First Class Honours.
Dr Lee Kwok Cheong, Chief Executive Officer of SIM Holdings Pte Ltd (centre) helmed the panel discussion at the SIM-CNA Foresight series on education

Forging and Celebrating Lasting Partnerships

Strong partnership is a central pillar of SIM from the very start and this year marked 30 years of partnership between SIM GE and RMIT University, the oldest and largest education partnership between a Singapore and an Australian institution. To date, more than 33,000 alumni have walked through the door of this partnership.

The star event of the year-long festivities was the 30th Anniversary Cocktail held at the residence of the Australian High Commissioner to Singapore. Other events to mark the occasion included a dialogue session helmed by prominent SIM-RMIT alumni on the topic of disruption.

The longstanding partnership between SIM GE and UOL also took a big step forward with the setting up of the UOL-SIM GE Regional Centre. With the centre, we aim to further collaborate in enhancing student outcomes and other stakeholder engagement, conducting research in transnational education, and rolling out public lectures and scholarships.

RMIT University is also set to expand its office at SIM. SIM and RMIT also collaborated on the inaugural Regional Partners Conference in Melbourne to engage other key partners in growing our reach across South-East Asia.

Building on its position as a leading private education institution, SIM GE worked with Channel News Asia on a five-episode current affairs programme ‘Foresight’ to address the future of education. Such dialogues highlighted the challenges and opportunities in the fast-changing education landscape and called to attention changes needed to meet the demands of tomorrow’s learners.

Shining beyond the academics: SIM Esprimere Singing Club winning the Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign’s Break In Music Concert
SIM students enjoying their overseas experience at the Harvard National Model United Nations in Boston
Double victory for SIM volleyball men’s and women’s teams at the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games

Engaging through Arts, Sports and Special Interests

A plethora of arts, sports and cultural activities not only brings vibrancy and diversity to campus life at SIM GE but also extends learning beyond the classroom. With a total of 77 student clubs, SIM GE students found no shortage of opportunities to find their voice and explore their interests beyond their academic pursuits.

Our athletes took part in many local and regional competitions, bagging a total of 39 gold medals. Significant achievements included the first championship title for the women’s tchoukball at the Singapore University Games. The Ultimate Frisbee team walked away with their first championship title and the men and women volleyball teams swept their first double victory at the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games.

The SIM Dragon Boat team also did SIM proud by winning both the men’s and women’s races in the Prime Minister’s Challenge Trophy. The victory marked the fourth consecutive year of record for the women’s team. The men’s team came back stronger and faster from their loss last year, to emerge victorious. The team’s double victory capped off a series of wins this year including those at the Singapore River Regatta and the DBS Marina Regatta.

In line with our emphasis on sports, we established a SIM Safety Centre to encourage and instil a safety culture among our students.

Our students also displayed their creativity and self-initiative in dance, music and theatre by staging their own productions. Highlights included the SIM Esprimere Singing Club bagging the championship at the national Anti-Drug Abuse Campaign, SIM Dance Art’s inaugural student choreographer showcase in the genre of contemporary dance, and SIM Indonesian Club’s self-written musical, Insight.

Our student were also groomed to be keenly attuned to current affairs and global issues through their participation in local and international conferences such as the Harvard Model United Nations in Boston, SIM Accounting and Risk Challenge 2017, community projects and outdoor expeditions.

Making the World Our Classroom

Our global learning programme, open to both SIM and international students, aims to raise the global competence of participants through a diverse range of experiences, from classroom learning to company visits, community service and cultural workshops.

In our second year of running the International Programme@SIM, we increased the number of participating countries from 8 to 13. Number of participants doubled and hailed from countries including China, Japan, and even as far as Kazakhstan. This multicultural diversity lent an authentic international experience to the classroom.

This year’s participants from the International Programme@SIM hailed from 13 countries including China, Japan, and even as far as Kazakhstan
Staff and alumni at the launch of a new Alumni Chapter in Medan, Indonesia
SIM students swept the grand prize at the JOS Innovation Awards with their innovative tech ideas to solve modern day problems

Ensuring Our Students’ Well-Being

The holistic well-being of our students remains as one of our priorities. We provide an array of activities and resources to help students juggle the demand of life and studies. Emotional counselling is a big part of our student support system. In addition, we continued to organise and enhance existing programmes such as Wellness Weeks and Breaking Boundaries @ SIM to address multiple facets of student wellness, from stress management to helping international students integrate into their new home.

Grooming Career-Ready Achievers

A total of 227 career-related events were organised to get our students career-ready and enhance their employability. These events helped our students map out their career choices and understand the demands of their chosen industry. More than 10,000 students and 526 employers took part in these events.

The inaugural SIM and TECHnovation Fair, which connected students with small and medium enterprises and tech start-ups, was well-aligned to Singapore’s emergence as a global innovation hub and the importance of SMEs as the lifeblood of the local economy. More than 1,200 students and 80 employers attended the event.

We also encourage our students to boost their employability by taking part in inter-tertiary competitions which focus on real-world learning. SIM students were among the top three winners in inaugural competitions such as the JOS Innovation Awards on innovative tech ideas to solve modern-day problems and the GovTech National Data Viz Video Challenge on open data innovation.

Seven students earned the pioneering SIM GE Edge Awards for demonstrating resourcefulness, resilience, professional competencies and leadership qualities - exemplary attributes of an SIM GE graduate. The EDGE Award is developed in partnership with employers to recognise students’ demonstration of their cumulative achievements in their learning journey and the demonstration of skills employers look for.

Investing in Faculty Training and Development

At SIM, learning never stops. This living philosophy applies not only to our students. We support our faculty members in their efforts to deepen and share their knowledge with academic peers and the wider community.

Two research projects under the SIM GE inaugural teaching and learning innovation grant were accepted for the 9th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies and the London International Conference in Education.

We launched an app to provide associate lecturers with bite-sized learning resources in their pocket. From strategies on team-based learning and peer instructions, associate lecturers can tap on the app to explore innovative ways to teach and engage students.

Some 60 educators from 10 countries attended the inaugural SIM Regional Educators Conference. The occasion offered participants the opportunity to learn the latest in teaching pedagogies, discuss critical issues in education, and exchange knowledge and best practices.

Over 1200 students and 80 companies took part in the inaugural SIM and TECHnovation Fair which connected students to SMEs and tech start-ups
Arconomics – an interactive mobile game designed to pique students’ interest in mastering Economics
The SIM Regional Educators Conferenced drew 60 educators from 10 countries to share the latest and the best in the field

Tapping on the Potential of E-learning

Today’s learners are ever on the move. The advancement in mobile and e-learning technologies presented us with new opportunities to deliver innovative learning modes better suited to this multi-tasking generation.

In 2017, we put in place several initiatives in this direction.

We introduced Team Based Learning, an active learning strategy based on positive team dynamics. To facilitate this, we adopted the use of Learning Catalytics, an interactive tool that engages students through their mobile devices.

First started in 2014, Arconomics is an interactive mobile game designed to pique students’ interest in mastering concepts on Economics. The project saw its pilot implementation in the Diploma in Management Studies programme in 2017 to encouraging feedback. Plans for subsequent runs of the study have been set for 2018.

A slew of projects have also been set for 2018 on the areas of mobile micro learning, analytics to identify and help at-risk students, and ePortfolio to allow students to showcase their achievements.

Keeping in Touch with Our Alumni

Two new alumni chapters were founded in Medan and Guangzhou, increasing the total chapters to seven.

The local alumni scene remained vibrant with events such as the Homecoming @ SIM GE. Apart from networking, alumni, students and industry partners came together to donate to three community causes: student bursary fund, no-kill animal shelters and environmental protection.