Strengthening Our Nexus for Knowledge Sharing

Launching the Singapore Management Festival
To heighten our value proposition, we brought two SIM hallmark events – the Annual Management Lecture and Interest Group Convention - to form the inaugural Singapore Management Festival (SMF).

The SMF aims to foster collaborations and stimulate business ideas and solutions. Testament to its wide appeal, over 1,000 C-suite executives, senior management and professionals, many of whom are also SIM members, attended the three-day event.

Themed 'New Mindsets for a New World', speakers included management guru Professor Gordon Hewitt, world-renowned physicist and futurist Dr Michio Kaku, and business maverick Bernard Harrison.
A participant shares his takeaway from the Singapore Management Festival
Sharing Leadership Insights at C-level
It takes a combination of knowledge, competencies, and a keen understanding of the challenges ahead to helm an enterprise in a globalised economy. In its 35th year, the annual Job of the Chief Executive (JOCETM) programme was attended by 29 C-suite participants mainly from the Asia-Pacific region. The five-day programme saw a rich sharing of best practices and challenges facing business leaders today.

Since its inception, JOCETM has drawn over 1,300 C-suite executives from over 40 countries.

Captain Raymond Ambrose

CEO & Managing Director,
Shipload Maritime Pte Ltd
JOCE Participant, 2015

Why the SIM Job of the Chief Executive programme remains relevant after 35 years
Sharpening Competencies with Executive Programmes

SIM PD assists professionals and executives in sharpening their skills to better respond to business challenges. Working with local as well as international trainers, we offer a comprehensive suite of programmes in areas spanning personal mastery, people management, business and organisational alignment.

New programmes introduced include:
  1. Blue Ocean StrategyTM In Action, which guides leaders to formulate strategies for creating new markets.
  2. Better Leaders Ask Better Questions, which provides tools to tap into team members' inner potential and resourcefulness.
  3. Influence Skills for SalesTM which aims to build behavioural and process flexibility for achieving business objectives while maintaining long-term relationships with stakeholders.

Building a Wider Network of Opportunities

Connecting Professionals Through SIM Membership
SIM remains a vital fount of insights and opportunities for professionals keen on expanding their personal and professional horizon. At the end of 2015, total membership stood at close to 50,000 individual and corporate members, with a membership retention rate of 86%.

Membership Statistics

SIM Honorary Fellows
Dr Richard K M Eu
Mr Herman Hochstadt
Dr Lee Seng Gee
Mr Ngiam Tong Dow
Mr J Y Pillay
Mr Shaw Vee Meng
Mr Wee Cho Yaw
Mr John Yip

Andy Seow

Managing Director,
Grace-Will Asia Pte Ltd
SIM Member

Sharing Best Practices Through the SIM Professional Interest Groups

In addition to tapping into various membership events, our 12 SIM professional Interest Groups enable members with shared interests in specialised fields to network and keep current with the latest and the best in their industries. They bond frequently over platforms such as business events and company visits.

  • Business Management Group (BMG)
    President: Tan Gay Hee, District Manager, AXA Life Insurance Singapore Pte Ltd
    BMG sharpens members’ business management skills and helps members improve their professional performance and tap into their potential.
  • China Interest Group (CIG)
    President: Susan Lim, Executive Director, Linden Industries Pte Ltd
    CIG provides a platform for professionals who have a common interest in or investments with companies in China. The group offers opportunities for establishing links, widening contacts and sharing first-hand experiences.
  • Human Resource Interest Group (HURIG)
    President: Kim Toh, Senior HR Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
    HURIG promotes exemplary practices in human resource management in tandem with changing developments in the human resource field.
  • Information Technology Group (ITG)
    President: Dr Tan Kow Wah, Chief Executive Officer, AKW International Pte Ltd
    ITG promotes the use of IT in sharpening one’s competitive edge in the marketplace by providing a network for information exchange.
  • Innovation & Quality Management Group (IQMG)
    President: Chua Kok Leong, Marketing Manager, ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd
    IQMG aspires to be a premier network of practitioners that embrace quality and innovative concepts and methodologies among organisations and individuals in Singapore.
  • Marketing Executives Group (MEG)
    President: Valerie Chow, Marketing Communications Manager, Harvey Norman Singapore
    MEG promotes the study and practice of the latest marketing concepts to enrich members’ marketing knowledge.
  • Organisation Development Group (ODG)
    President: Francis Tan, Principal Consultant, First Touch Consultancy
    ODG raises the profile of the OD profession by helping members build skills in various aspects of OD and by sharing research and expertise among members.
  • SIM I Toastmasters Club (TMI)
    President: Dexter Toh, Senior Manager, Leadership Development Academy of Competence & Education, Prudential Assurance Company Singapore
  • SIM II Toastmasters Club (TMII)
    President: Yan Kum Seng, Contracts Director, Wan Chung Construction (S'pore) Pte Ltd
    TMI & TMII help members to sharpen their communication, presentation and leadership skills through enjoyable and interactive programmes.
  • SIM Mandarin Toastmasters Club (MTM)
    President: Wong Soo Mei, Tutor
    MTM helps members to sharpen their communication, presentation and leadership skills through enjoyable and interactive programmes delivered in the Chinese language.
  • Strategic Management Group (SMG)
    President: Terence Lim, Head, Singapore Armed Forces Print Centre, Ministry of Defence
    SMG promotes the practice of strategic management in commercial, non-profit and government organisations by enriching members’ strategic management knowledge.
  • The Entrepreneurs Group (TEG)
    President: Chen Siew Ik, Director, COM Consultants
    TEG organises activities that are relevant to small and medium-sized businesses, and enhances members’ knowledge and entrepreneurial skills.
Enhancing our Information & Resources Services
To make its services more user-friendly, the SIM Library launched an SMS Alert Service which reminds members to pick up reserved items and return due books. Digital initiatives launched include the Smartlocker system, installed in the high-traffic Student Hub, to help users pick up reserved items at their convenience, and a handheld device which allows staff to help users check out books quickly and conveniently. Based on users' feedback, the library extended its operating hours on weekdays to cater to students’ needs during peak study periods.

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As a sign of the growing clout of our publications, international readership grew and so did requests on collaborations by global publishers and academia.