Defining Change

Change is the only constant. We can embrace change by making incremental changes to go with the flow or take the path of least resistance. Or we can stay ahead of the tide by being the change-makers.

At SIM, we don’t just react to change. That’s survival. We proactively define the changes we need to make in order to thrive.

By defining change, we do more than calibrate our offerings to help learners keep ahead. We chart new ways for them to succeed in ever changing environments.

We want to be the architect of our own future. So that our learners can be empowered to do the same.

Transforming to Take On a Changing Landscape

Since our inception in 2005, SIM University (UniSIM) has been a university with a difference. As the forerunner in lifelong learning, we have a unique mission to help people excel through our inclusive, practice-oriented pedagogy.

But we are not stopping there. We continue to grow and transform to take on a bigger role as an autonomous university in the evolving tertiary education landscape. Together with our students, we aim to be trailblazers in the world of learning and working.

Expanding Boundaries in a Globalised World

At SIM Global Education (SIM GE), defining change has always been our mantra.

We don’t wait for change before refining our holistic educational offerings. We continually expand our diverse range of programmes and students from around the world. We keep abreast of change so that our learners don’t have to play catch up but remain a skip ahead of the game. And we continue to expand the boundaries of our community, equipping more people to be positive change makers globally.

Defining Dynamic Learning in More Ways Than One

SIM Professional Development (SIM PD) has been helping companies and their employees stay relevant and succeed.

Our wide range of executive programmes, business insights events and interest groups provide extensive professional learning and networking experiences for our community of learners to discover and achieve more.

Supporting an Effective and Efficient Ecosystem

The SIM ecosystem with its multiple touch points with different segments of learners is our unique differentiator. Supporting the working of this ecosystem is the SIM Group Corporate Services. We continually strive to provide a high level of service by investing in our people, infrastructure and systems. We maintain a conducive and inspiring campus and get everything running smoothly so that our learners can focus on their learning.

Needless to say, being always ready to define new and better ways to do things is not an option. It’s our commitment.